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Equestrians: Easy to love, hard to afford

Ok I’m not going to lie, I’m not the sort of person who gets dressed up very often and throws on a heap of makeup, my favourite everyday ‘attire’ is a jumper and baggy jeans, but when it comes to riding clothes… that’s a completely different story! I absolutely love to get dressed up for shows and even chuck in a bit of bling (although Mum recons I look like a disco ball), I don’t know why but it makes me feel very happy and ‘professional’. So now you get the wonderful pleasure of learning about my favourite riding clothes.

Let’s start with boots: I currently have 2 pairs of long boots, a pair of Deniro’s and a brand new pair of Sergio Grasso’s, without a doubt I love my long boots and it shows when my last pair of boots got worn until they could not possibly be worn anymore. My absolute favourite pair of boots were my Ariats AKA my first leather long boots. They lasted a solid 2 ½ years, they had big deep cuts in the toes, about 5 holes in the bottoms and holes all over the foot part to the point you could see through. I was not prepared to say goodbye to my favourite boots, but I was forced to throw them out when the soles were literally detaching themselves from the rest of the boot… I did in fact start crying.

Next is something have very mixed feelings about… white jodhpurs! Yes, they look very nice and fancy, but I CANNOT KEEP THEM CLEAN! By the time I get into my white jodhpurs I’ve already tacked up my horse (usually in my pyjamas) and get on. When I’m done riding, I quickly put track pants over my jodhpurs and untack my horse, you’d think that they would have stayed clean right? NOPE! It looks like I’ve been rolling around in dirt all day long and I swear I haven’t! My favourite pair of Jodhpurs are either my Samshields (which have lots of bling!) or my Ariats since they’ve both stayed reasonably clean and wash well.

And now onto jackets, my favourite 2 jackets are my Cavalleria Toscana’s, one’s navy and one is teal, and they look stunning with my navy Cavalleria Toscana shirt (if you can’t tell, I love CT!). My favourite of the two has got to be the navy one though, it looks good with almost everything and is super breathable since it has heaps of tiny machine perforated holes (on purpose!) so it is nicknamed the HOLY jacket (yes, I know I’m very funny).

And last but certainly not least my helmet AKA the reason I don’t have permanent brain damage by now. I recently saved up for a brand-new helmet which I brought at HOY, definitely my favourite purchase. It is a Kask Star Lady Pure Shine Chrome in Navy (yes, I love my navy). It is very fashionable in my opinion and is one of the safest helmets on the market.

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