Amara Green’s Blogs – “How I’d spend my millions”

What would you buy if you just won $15 million? The average person probably buys a mansion with a home cinema, elevator, waterpark, a few giraffes and a gold toilet… Well, I’m not the average person so here’s what I’d buy if I won $15 million.

First, I’d buy a 100-acre property fit with an Olympic sized jumping arena, at least 12 LUXURY stables with Daisy and 11 imported warmbloods to fill the stables + a miniature luxury stable for Roy of course! and a few grooms to muck those stables out. The paddocks would have post and rail fencing in black (because that’s fancy) outriggers, oh and also, they’ll have SELF-FULLING TROUGHS!! as you may be able to tell we don’t have self-fulling troughs and the struggle is real!

I’d have a massive heated tack room with tiled floors and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. There’d be 12 separate CWD saddles for my 11 imported warmbloods and Daisy and a washing machine exclusively for saddle cloths. Connected to the stable block would be a large shed to fit an imported 6 horse truck and a smaller float to get around locally. This property would need to be near a beach and forest, and local to a showground……..And of course have to leave school to keep 12 horses in work, so I’d start up a business or take over one and make my money from that to keep my profit flowing and be stable for the rest of my life.

And there’s one more thing I’d do with my money… Travel the world! I’d love to ride and compete overseas in different countries to see the different environment, horses, training etc. memories and experiences are far more valuable than money!

Better go buy that lotto ticket!

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