Amara Green’s Blogs – “Q and A”

Q and A about myself

Q: How long have you been riding?

A: 7 coming up 8 years


Q: How old are you?

A: 14 turning 15 in August…. some say Leo’s are egotistical, but I just don’t see it??‍♀️.

Amara Green's Blogs

Q: What riding disciplines are you involved in?

A: I mainly do show jumping but sometimes do eventing and dressage… but I definitely prefer show jumping.


Q: Do you attend shows? And if so, which are your favourites?

A: Yes, I do attend shows quite frequently and my favourites have got to be Taupo Christmas Classic and HOY. Takapoto also looks like a lot of fun and I look forward to being able to compete there in the future.

Q: Do you own your own horse? How many are there and what are their names?

A: Yes, I own my own horses, I currently have 3 ½ (well technically 4) Daisy, Pou, Winston and Roy the miniature (the ½)


Q: Tell us about Daisy

A: Daisy is my first hack, she’s a 16.2hh, 5-year-old East Coast Performance Horse. She’s by Cassiano out of Dolcetto. She’s show jumped to 1.05m, is incredibly sweet and has the best character.

Q: Do you attend clinics?

A: Yes, I do attend clinics occasionally, I love to learn new things from different people which helps me find things that work for me and my horses. Recently I had a clinic with Toni and Colin McIntosh and attended their jump clubs at Taupo and Brookby, earlier this year a Sue Pennington’s pole clinic and a clinic with Vaughn Jefferies last year. In the past I have had clinics with Amanda Wilson and Travis Morgan.


Q: Who are your favourite coaches?

A: In no particular order… Mark Wells, David Collett, Fiona Craig, Toni and Colin McIntosh and Merilyn Chambers.

Amaras Pony

Q: Where’s your favourite hack out place to go?

A: Woodhill forest with Merilyn Chambers (we usually go once or twice a month) and Ruakaka Beach with Mark Wells or Christine Renall (Marks mum).


Q: Have you attended camps now or in the past and who were they with?

A: Yes. Sarah Bishell runs camps every school holiday at Diamond Lodge Equestrian which I have attended in the past, a camp with Helensville Pony club at Northgate Lodge and multiple of Mark Wells show jumping boot camps.


Q: What are your goals this season…

A: If you ask my coach it’s probably just to stay on the horse, but little does he know I haven’t fallen off Daisy yet (touch wood!).

My ponies are both sadly up for sale as I have gotten too big for them, and I am moving onto hacks. I am looking to buy a more experienced hack to compete alongside Daisy as Daisy is still young, reasonably green and we are not rushing her. Our goals this season is to jump up to 1.20 at the end of the season on Daisy and hopefully with a more experienced hack jump about 1.25m.

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