Amara’s Blogs- My Ginger Addiction!

Amara's Blogs- My Ginger Addiction!

My Ginger Addiction!!!

Ok so I have found out that I have officially been diagnosed with ginger addiction after buying another Chestnut a few weeks ago! It is a very common case among the crazier side of equestrians where nearly every horse they buy is a ginger (chestnut) or has ginger on it! I personally don’t have a preference in what colour horse I want to buy, but nearly every time I end up buying a chestnut. I mean what can I say ‘quirky attracts quirky’.

We’ve had Cappy, my Mum’s OTTB aka the horse I broke my first bone on, who sadly got pts due to pre-existing health issues in 2012. My first pony Boggie who was VERY quirky, Frankie a chestnut and white pinto and then the ones I own currently; Pou, Daisy, Roy (mini) and the newest addition Yoyo!

I think it came from the pony that kinda started it all: Phoenix! Phoenix was a very lovely, older pony who I shared at pony club and in lessons with another girl, she was owned by Jane Callaghan. She was very obliging and always looked after me no matter what-

Stay tuned for more news on Amara’s adventures with horses!

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