Barge Park Grand Prix Show – From a riders perspective- By Ally Hibbert

Barge Park Grand Prix Show - From a riders perspective- By Ally Hibbert

Barge Park Grand Prix Show – From a riders perspective- By Ally Hibbert

On the 24th and the 25th of October I attended the Barge Park Grand Prix show held at the Barge Park Showgrounds. I was attending the show as being one of the professional photographers there, alongside Jordan McKenzie and a few other photographers. Even though I got heavily sunburnt with questionable tan lines now it was a well put together event blessed with beautiful weather, I also got to cuddle Mark Wells and Joanne Thomas’ lovely boy Tucker – Whos for sale also! Recommend checking out that boys ad!

One of the few favourite combinations to photograph was Grace Webbs ponies in the pony classes, a beautiful boy. So the other day I put on my reporter hat and messaged her and asked her a few questions and she was more than happy to answer them. I hope you enjoy this article 🙂

1. Were your expectations exceeded?
– My expectations for Lay Z Lad were very much succeeded by going clear in 2 of 3 of his rounds and even placing in a very highly competitive class in a height we had only just recently stepped up to.

2. How did you and your team go throughout the 2 days competing at the Grand Prix Show?
– The show definitely had its ups and downs, one of my horses went very well and the other not so good with a few issues we’ve been having lately unfortunately. One of my horses Lay Z Lad on Saturday was clear in the Northland Jumping Pony Welcome Stakes class and he also went double clear and placed 3rd in the Pony 1.20m class. On Sunday we unfortunately had 12 faults in the Country TV Pony Grand Prix Class.

3. What were your expectations for the show?
– My expectations for the show were to just go out and have fun as it was only my third show of the season. Lay Z Lad was entered in the PGP (Pony Grand Prix) which was only our second ever time competing in the PGP classes and at that height so really I was just hoping to get round the ring. McCartney was feeling a bit off all week and after starting the warm up on Saturday we decided to scratch her from the whole weekend which I was quite disappointed about.

4. What horses do you currently have on your team?
– My competition team at the moment is a team of two. Lay Z Lad – aka Lad and McCartney – aka Apple. I’ve owned Lad for about 4 years now and we’ve recently stepped up to the Pony Grand Prix height. I’ve only owned my other pony Apple for about 10 months and I’ve only competed her to 1.05m.

5. How do you feel to be lucky enough to be a part of the Evolution Equestrian Team?
– I am very grateful and proud to be a part of the Evolution Equestrian Team and absolutely love and appreciate the love everyone on the team has for each other and the support each individual brings me.

Thank you for reading my article and I hope you enjoyed it. Well done Grace on your results throughout the weekend. I hope you like looking at the photos I got of Grace on that weekend and if you’re looking for photos to purchase from that weekend contact me at – Ally Hibbert Photography on Facebook 🙂

P.S Grace – your boy Lay Z Lad is a very adorable pony and very photogenic! Hope to catch up with you at another event 🙂

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