“Behind the Ribbons”- By Ally Hibbert

“Behind the Ribbons”- By Ally Hibbert

As much fun as it is cantering that victory lap, with it being winning a ribbon day class, a 40cm or a 1.25cm class, it brings that sense of joy to you, or even winning countless shows as Isabelle Jamenson has, all so beautifully hosted by numerous people who are so valued and respected within the horse community.
As much as we see from the sidelines of a show, you see them doing their round, the look of joy and relief when they get over that last fence with all the fences and poles the same as you entered, if you don’t ride horses you don’t see behind the ribbons majority of the time. The WEEKS of preparation going into it, the crazy time you wake up that day, the cleaning the night before, even going through the truck or float a million times double and triple checking
that you’ve got everything you could possibly need. Winning a ribbon or series of that event makes it all worth it, even when you’re not winning, as long as you did your best then that’s the best you can do, always a winner in your horse’s eyes.
Isabelle is teenage horse loving equestrian, she has a few horses on her team. Her main horses being Di Caprio CSNZ who is known as “Big Leo ” who is a 17hh Chestnut Gelding, another one is “Little Leo ” or Pacific Prince who is a 15.2hh Chestnut Gelding as well! And lastly she has Eve who is a 16.1hh Bay Mare who is beautiful! I’ve personally talked with Isabelle outside of the ring and she is always super approachable and just an all round lovely girl! She’s put blood sweat and tears into her riding career, and it’s been wicked watching the journey from her instagram account and watching her compete when we’re attending the same events. The first time I properly met Isabelle I helped her out with an event, and I was beyond nervous but Isabelle was beyond lovely! Isabelle competes all the way up to Horse Grand Prix level, she was even lucky enough to be part of the Russian Friendship Games in July 2018!

“We get up at 4am. We are covered in dirt, sweat, and fly spray. We wear black on a 30 degree day. We get ready in 15 minutes. And no it’s not punishment. It’s horse show season!” – Unknown.

What’s the most important thing for you personally when preparing yourself and a horse before a show?
– Fitness. I want to give my horses and I the best chance of having a successful round. To me that is finishing the course as strong as I start it. This is not only important for your personal results and goals but for the horses health and well-being.
What’s one thing you stick with when entering a round, regardless of what the stakes are?
– Over the years I have come to learn how valuable the course walk is. When I walk the course I make decisions that will best suit myself and the horse that I am on. I carry that plan I make in the course walk to the ring.
One piece of advice?
– Take every opportunity that comes your way and run with it.

Here’s a little bit about me! Hi all, my name is Ally Hibbert, I’m currently 16, turning 17 in February next year. I’m based in Whangarei, Northland. I’ve grown up around horses and I’m obsessed with them! I currently don’t own a horse as I had to sell my last boy due to things just not working out. but I’m on the lookout, and it’s always an exciting journey!! Thank you for taking your time to read my first article with the Evolution Equestrian about the “Behind The Ribbons” scene and I hope you enjoyed it. I can’t wait for you all to read my next one!

Here’s a few photos of Isabelle on her awesome horses!

“Behind the Ribbons”- By Ally Hibbert

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