Brooks Racing Introduction- Mark Brooks

Brooks Racing Introduction- Mark Brooks

Mark Brooks is a Cambridge based trainer, that services all aspects of the thoroughbred industry. Mark has had fantastic success with both flat gallopers and jumpers, but a major part of his business is the pre-training and breaking-in of thoroughbreds for many overseas clients.

Mark started this venture originally in the earlier days as an income source to compliment his show jumpers, but the racing gradually took over!!

When Mark was a younger man, he competed against Mark Wells ( the creator of Evolution Equestrian ) in various disciplines including showjumping, both started on ponies in the show hunter ring, and moved into showjumping after getting a good grounding.

Mark Brooks has two siblings, his brother Kit Brooks owns his own company called KB Bloodstock, and is mad keen on Polo. His sister Robyn Stinson works for Black Shepherd Apiaries, all three competed at various levels in multiple disciplines.

Mark Brooks did extremely well in the show jumping ring, and proved that he is a natural horseman.

Stay tuned for more blogs and updates on Mark Brooks and Brooks Racing.

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