Cable Stables is the heart of the Norton-Collins family of show and dressage ponies.  Situated in Waimauku Auckland the Cable Stables team compete 10 ponies in both Showing, Dressage and to a lesser extent Show Hunter.  The team is supported and assisted with top show producer Anna Paratene of Mill Lane Equestrian who has broken in and produced several ponies which they are currently competing this season.


With 15 HOY and National Titles and  7 Runner-up titles to their credit over the past 5 years the team has enjoyed the journey from newbies to an experienced show team, but it is not without the assistance of many people along the way.

The ponies that will be out an about this season are:

KL Born to Rhythm (peter) a 148 bay saddle hunter who will complete not only in showing but dressage and Show Hunter.  Peter’s heart is in the jumping, but the team is convincing him that with his good looks and athletic build, he can enjoy his dressage as well.


KS Honey Boo Boo (Boo) a 148 chestnut riding pony former Rising Star Pony of the Year, National title holder, and twice runner up Led Pony of the Year, will compete under saddle and in dressage.  Boo has the stable title of escape artist.  Her stable has a chain as well as a lock on it.  Many a morning has been spent looking for Boo on the farm, as she not only lets herself out of her stable but has a tendency to also let her boyfriend out to graze together to the disgust of other stable residents.


Phoenician Catwalk (Ally) is a 145 riding pony.  Ally is only 3 years old and has been competed by Anna Paratene in led Youngstock classes for the past season.  Currently unbeaten this little lady has won multiple supreme pony classes inhand and the expectation is rife as to when this outstanding young mare will come out under saddle.


Phoenician Rich Girl, (Maggie) a 138 riding pony who has been under saddle for only 3 months, broken in and produced by Mill Lane Equestrian, owned by the Phoenician Stud,  and at her first show taken out reserve champion pony.  Maggie will be competed in the Novice and Rising Star classes and in dressage.  Maggie is the sweetest and most gentle of the stable team and is also a team favorite.


Ashbrooke Bracken (Bracken) a 138 Saddle Hunter with a trot and manners which makes him a mothers dream pony.  Bracken has multiple Horse of the Year and National titles in both Hunters and Paced and Mannered.  Bracken will compete in Saddle Hunter and Dressage with a sprinkling of Show Hunter events this season.

Kinkora Romeo (Romeo) is a 12hh Saddle Hunter only under saddle 3 months and broken in and produced by Mill Lane Equestrian.  This little Barbie pony will come out as a rising star saddle hunter, and continue his education as a dressage and show hunter pony.


Bordershow Lightening Bug (Bruce), this black beauty is a 12hh cheeky and mischievous 12hh riding pony imported from Australia.  He has been one of the top lead rein ponies in Australia, and has won the NZSHC lead rein title.  Currently being competed in dressage and open show pony classes he is a stable favorite due to his antics and desire to untie himself and any other ponies he can reach.  The only pony I have even known to have to be double tied.


Sanlirra Pretty Polly (Polly) is a 128 show pony imported from Australia.  Polly has competed successfully in lead rein, FYR and in the open pony titles.  Polly is the go to schoolmistress of the stable and adores the cuddles and loves from the team.   Polly will compete in the Open Show Pony and dressage classes.

The Cable Stables team supports the NZHPSS (New  Zealand Horse and Pony Showing Society) in its drive to teach equestrians the skills required for showing, presentation and conditioning of horses and ponies, and the techniques required to compete at the absolute best a rider and mount can be no matter which discipline they eventually choose.  This non profit society holds multiple training days and information events for anyone who is interested in improving their presentation and showing skills whether it be in Showing, Dressage, Show Hunter or other equestrian disciplines.

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