Dynavyte Shine!!!

Dynavyte Shine!!!

Dynavyte Shine!!!


This horse came to Evolution Equestrian and Northgate Lodge for 8 weeks of training, as you can see the horse was under weight, suffering from rain scald, and in complete mess, I spoke to Jeremy Clark of Dynavyte NZ about his amazing product ” Microbiome Support” and the next day Jeremy had couriered up 10 litres for the horse to start on immediately.

At first the horse did not want to do his work, he was sad and negative in most aspects.

I gave the horse the stated dose as recommended by Jeremy, and as you can see from the pictures, 8 weeks later it was a different horse. The shine in his coat returned fast, the horses appetite increased significantly, he began to put muscle on quicker than I expected, and he improved so fast I could not believe it if I had not seen it for myself. His attitude to his work became positive.

Want your horse to be healthier?
Microbiome Support is a naturally brewed and fermented probiotic that is the flagship of the Dynavyte range. It contains Bacillus subtilis, one of the most studied probiotics in the scientific world.

Available in 1, 5, 10 and 20 Litre containers. Special order 200 Litre drum.

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