“Evolution Equestrian Boot Camp with Amara Green” – By Ally Hibbert.

“Evolution Equestrian Boot Camp with Amara Green” - By Ally Hibbert.

“Evolution Equestrian Boot Camp with Amara Green” – By Ally Hibbert.

If you’re part of the equestrian community and have any social media accounts you’ve most likely heard of Mark Wells, about a week or so ago he ran an equestrian boot camp held at Northgate Lodge in Ruakaka with about 7 riders and their horses, for approximately a week. Watching the photos and videos that Mark and the riders posted I felt very jealous just sitting at home!! From behind the scenes it looked like an extremely beneficial week of learning and just spending quality time with your horse and fellow riders – something just as important! So I decided to message Amara Green and get an inside scoop on what happened in the week!!

Amara attended with her horse/horses. One which is her 6yr mare Daisy ECPH – Daisy. Along with her 13yr gelding LC Underberg – Yoyo. Amara is an 15yr old New Zealand horse loving equestrian, her main focus is showjumping – something she has a natural knack for!


  1. Had you had previous work with Mark Wells – lessons etc? What did you think of him learning and teaching wise?

Yes I had attended multiple of his boot camps and he has been my main instructor for about 1-½ years. I usually have weekly or fortnightly lessons and he has found both of my horses. I think he’s an incredible coach, he’s very consistent, caring, and will always try to help out (even when he’s riding the same class!) is always striving for his riders to achieve. My riding has improved immensely over the time he’s been coaching me and although I’m sad my time on ponies has come to an end he has helped me find and purchase both of my stunning hacks.


  1. What were your expectations for the bootcamp?

– My expectations were very high since Mark was the coach and the camp is based on such nice facilities at Northgate Lodge Equestrian.


  1. Did your expectations live up to what you expected?

 Definitely! Although the lessons aren’t one on one they are still amazing as Mark works on everyone’s individual weaknesses rather than coaching the group as a whole which I personally think is super cool!


  1. What was the most beneficial part of the bootcamp personally?

Probably the consistent lessons, you really get a chance to work on your weaknesses and drill it into your mind.

  1. What did your average day look like?

We wake up just before 7am (around 6.45am) and bring our horses into the yard if they were out in the paddock overnight. We muck out our paddocks or yards and feed our horses. Then we have breakfast about 8am. Group One starts at about 9am whilst group 2 puts their horses in the walker then the same happens for the next group. Then Group Two’s lesson starts at about 10am and Group Three puts their horses in the walker and so on … then we have lunch about 12.30pm-1pm. At about 2-2.30pm we all head out to a beach ride with Christine and arrive back at about 4pm-4.30pm. We wash, feed, cover, etc our horses then put them out for the night or leave them in the yards. We set up our jump or pole course for the next day, have some free time and then have dinner about 7pm-7.30pm with lights out at 9pm. This can adjust depending on certain things happening throughout the day, ie guest speakers, guest coaches etc.


  1. Favourite thing about the bootcamp?

My personal favourite thing is just about everything to be honest! The coaching is impeccable, the facilities are amazing, food is great and it’s super fun to make and meet new friends!


Below is some information about Amara

I am a 15yr old New Zealand Showjumper who has been riding about 8 years now. When I first started out I did a bit of everything; Showhunter, Eventing, Dressage and of course Showjumping. I didn’t really prefer any discipline until I bought my old pony Frankie. He really showed me the ropes of Showjumping (and everything else) and then my love for it has just grown since then. I currently have a team of 2 hacks I will be competing with for the season: My 6yr old mare Daisy ECPH aka Daisy and my 13yr old gelding LC Underberg aka Yoyo.


I hope you enjoyed this inside scoop and have a look at some photos of Amara above.


Photo credit to : Holbrook Equestrian & Chloe’s Equine Photography for some of the amazing shots!! Wicked photos – Well done





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