HRH Riverside Time Traveller’s Blogs – “First Royal Engagement”

The Unofficial Royal Blog

Hi, it’s me HRH Chime again.  I just thought I would continue my journey a bit more and tell you all about my first official royal engagement.

When I was about five months old my Mumma’s mother suggested that my Mumma should take me to ‘The Foal Show.’

“Where is that?” my Mumma asked.

“Hamilton,” was the reply.

“Buggar that!” exclaimed Mumma. “I’m not driving all the way down there just for a show.  I’ll make my own!”

And so she did.  Within four weeks of this rather rash decision my Mumma was in the throes of organising a show for all the youngsters in Northland to go to.  She had arranged to have it in May at the Whangarei RDA’s lovely indoor arena, so if it rained we wouldn’t get wet.  There were ribbons to make, beautiful floral garlands to create, the programme to write, judges to organise, and of course there was yours truly.

So it was a crash course on how to be a show horse for me.

I had to learn how to walk next to my Mumma and when she started running I had to trot beside her.  But I had to do it nicely because sometimes I thought it was a race and I would take off and kick up my heels and be having oh so much fun, but for some reason Mumma didn’t appreciate my aflectism…athlitism…power and she put on her growly voice, and I didn’t like it so I had to be a good boy.  My  Mumma says I am a fast learner because I got the hang of it pretty quick and she didn’t have to use her growly voice anymore, which was good.

I also had to learn how to go on the truck but that part was real easy because every time I walked up the big rampy thing and stood in the big box she gave me a treat, and I LUV treats.

Mumma also taught me how to have a bath.  She would cover me in water with the hose, which I didn’t really like because it was cold!!  She would lather me up with shampoo and scrub and scrub until I was sparkly clean.  Mumma also got some little hair cutty things and clipped all the fluffy hair from my legs and under my hairy face and ears.  I was really good for Mumma and stood very, very still because to tell you the truth I didn’t trust her with those cutty things and I didn’t want her to cut off anything important!!

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But little did I know that she wasn’t the one with cutty things that I should have been worried about.  You see the man of the house had a very important job to do with me before I went to our foal show.  Apparently he is a vetrinarin…veteryanian…animal doctor and he had to do an operation on me.  Now of course I had no idea what ‘geld’ meant.  All I knew was that Mumma caught me and the vet man gave me a little needle prick and nek minit… I was in La La Land.

After I woke up my nether regions were on fire!!  What on Earth had they done?  They stripped me of my manhood, that’s what they did.  But Mumma looked after me really well so I healed up good and proper and now I don’t even miss those things.

On the other hand those weren’t the only things I lost.  My Mumma said I had to be a big boy now and live without my real born mummy.  So she put me in a paddock way far away with my nanny horse Mary Poppins.  I didn’t really miss my mummy too much though because Poppins was like one of those way cool nannies so I liked her heaps.

Anywho, the show was a great success and I was so well behaved for my Mumma.  We got two reserve champion ribbons and my Mumma was super proud of me.  Mary Poppins came to watch too and that was good because it was a little bit scary being there with lots of other horses.  I had to have a little sleep at the end though since I was so exhausted because being a good boy was very tiring.

So that was my very first official royal engagement and Mumma said that I was so good that we would do lots more of them.

I can’t wait.


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