HRH- The Unoffical Royal! FACEBOOK FOR HORSES!

HRH- The Unoffical Royal! FACEBOOK FOR HORSES!

The Unofficial Royal


Hello again my beloved royal followers.

Today I want to talk to you about Facebook.  Now Facebook was started in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg which was way before I was born.  Of course there are some people who are pretty hooked on social media and just can’t live without it.  For hoomans Facebook can be a place of joy or a place of torment.  Some people can say some pretty mean things on there.

My Mumma always says I have an obsession with manoar… manwhoher… poo.  You see I just can’t help it.  Whenever I walk past a nice pile of poo I HAVE to stop and smell it.

Mumma says piles of poo are like Facebook for horses.  When we stop to inhale the scents of a steaming pile of poop it is like us reading a Facebook post.  We can tell all sorts of things about the horse that left their post.  Sometimes it takes me a loooonnnngggg time to read the post so Mumma has to wait for me to read the whole thing.  Of course sometimes I just like the post but other times I have to make a comment on the post so that means I have to add my bit of poo next to theirs.

I especially like it when Mumma brings the wheelbarrow in to my paddock to pick up my posts and it is full of all the other horses’ posts.  I follow my Mumma all around the paddock and read all of the interesting comments that she brings in with her.  Sometimes to annoy her I don’t like what I read so I put an angry face on the horse’s post.   Well okay, so actually I just tip the wheelbarrow over and my Mumma does the angry face emoji.

Mumma says my obsession is especially frustrating in the practise arena because there are so many horses in there and they all like to leave random posts and memes and stuff and when I am supposed to be warming up I suddenly stop and put my head down and Mumma almost slides down my neck.  I guess she is just trying to get closer so she can read the posts.  Everyone knows that hooman noses are not as good as horses.

Mumma says that I spend way too long on Facebook and that I post way too much.  She reckons that I post twice as much as any other horse at Northgate Lodge.  Especially if I have been in the stable and have been up all night trolling through Facebook and writing stuff.

So anywho, the next time you see me with my nose in a pile of poo just remember that I am on Facebook and if you are lucky I might give your post a like or comment.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to keep an eye out for my future blogs!

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