Kit Brooks- New Zealand Polo Representative!

Kit Brooks- New Zealand Polo Representative!

Kit Brooks- New Zealand Polo Representative!

My life with horses started at a very young age, with my parents Roger and Heather being involved with Racing and Hunting. From there my older Brother, Sister and myself all started riding, with Pony Club, Hunting, A & P shows, and  then we all travelled the country Showjumping for many years.

Polo started for me after the family move to Cambridge in 2000, a couple of years after that I started Business House Polo at Mystery Creek Polo Club and practices with the Browne family.

Once I had the Polo bug, I never stopped , playing professionally for several years in UK and also Australia, always returning to NZ for our Polo season.

Over the years I have been lucky to play for many different teams, now mainly playing in NZ I will be playing in my 5th year for the Tiger Polo Team, the Cambridge Polo Club, and of course the New Zealand Polo team.

The tournaments I play in are as follows,

The New Zealand Polo Open is the biggest tournament in NZ and the main competition the Tiger Polo team aim for, but we play in all Tournaments around the North Island in lead up to the Open.

Also the Savile Cup, which is the oldest sporting trophy in New Zealand, started in 1889. (they say it’s the oldest, but I think there is older)

My plans for this season….. play as much polo as possible!! and as usual…Win the New Zealand Open!!!

I have made and produced many top Polo ponies, all are off the track Thoroughbreds and are retrained for polo. This is what I love doing.

Normally I play the in the International scene, NZ v whoever comes, but  unfortunately with Covid 19 that may not be a possibility this season.

Basically, my life now is all horses, when not playing polo, I Break in and Pre-Train Racehorses- Its not a bad old life is it?

By Kit Brooks



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