“Manners Please” – By Ally Hibbert

“Manners Please”- By Ally Hibbert

“Manners Please”- By Ally Hibbert

From the Show Ring, the Show Jumping Ring, Eventing, Dressage, Trekking,Equitation and more, we all have a favoured discipline. For some people the “Showing” ring is their forte, having an impeccably clean horse and rider, having
incredible manners, and that perfect halt, is all they want within a show.

Manners- From what I’ve seen this is one of the most important values you and your equine companion can have, in the real world for people and in the equestrian world, having your horse listen to your every movement and even
that single breath is incredibly important.

Here’s some tips I’ve seen on the internet which I would see as very helpful if you were looking to get into the Showing scene.

1. Don’t forget your flatwork – this turns up in working hunter classes, with people stressing about the jumping they often spend less time on the flatwork – I know personally I’ve been guilty of this within Show Jumping.

2. Perfect Presentation – having yourself and your horse completely spotless is liked by the judges. It appears judges don’t actually give extra points to sparkly glitter hooves or horses.

3. Get fit for action – having both yourself and your horse fit. Yes having your horse fit is helpful, but being fit yourself so you’re able to correctly perform alongside your horse.

4. Manners Please. Judges like to see your horse have good manners, but you too. Be courteous, smile and always be kind to your horse/pony and other riders.

5. Hone your halt. While it is overlooked sometimes, your halt is your time to shine. Allow your horse to get square before you start moving again, this way you get to see all the muscle, cleaning and general hard work you’ve put into
your horse.

When I attended the A&P Show in Whangarei last year (2019) I absolutely loved watching and photographing the showing ring!! Personally I don’t know much about showing, so I was very lucky enough for a horse loving equestrian Mandy Small to answer some questions I had for her, for this article and in general! I love hearing different sides of all the different disciplines I haven’t explored yet.

1. What’s one of the most important things within the showing scene personally?
– One judge’s or opinion is just that … we can’t all be winners.

2. Most beneficial thing you’ve found that helped you?
– Regular lessons with one person, set goals and work on the tasks set prior to the next lesson. A fit horse and rider helps a lot!

3. How long have you been a part of the showing scene?
– I seriously began showing at A&P level around 6 years ago.

4. Favourite moment? Whether that’s winning a show? Or something else?
– Hmm I’ve had many but the stand out was winning Arapohue shows combined turnout class in 2019 and 2020 on National Treasure – My saddle hunter. Was definitely a tear jerker moment.

I hope you all enjoyed this article and I look forward to bringing my next one!

Enjoy a couple of photos of Mandy on her beautiful horse!

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