Meet Amy Crossan- “Photographer Extraordinaire”

Meet Amy Crossan- "Photographer Extraordinaire"

Meet Amy Crossan- “Photographer Extraordinaire”

I am a 20 year old equine photographer based in West Auckland. I have had a passion for photography since I was 12, developing my hobby into a business when I was 17.  My other passion is horses and I am an equestrian myself.  When I was sidelined with a concussion in April 2017, I was forced to take a long break from riding due to a head injury. I found a creative way to stay involved with horses and combine both of my passions by starting an equine photography business. This has opened up some amazing opportunities and experiences and I have met some incredible people. Two highlights for me would be photographing Sir Mark Todd at Badminton in 2018 and starting a team of twelve talented sponsored riders.


The event riders on my team are: Brea Walker, Bridie Quigely, Ella Simpson and Maria Miller.

The showjumpers are: Isabelle Jameson, Sophia Blackbourn, Maya Hegh, Keeva McCambridge, Jordyn Appleton, Georgia Milner and Bianca Shaw.

I sponsor one dressage rider: Bella Small.

In the future I would love to photograph at international events, such as Badminton and Burghley horse trials and the Olympic Games.

Stay tuned for more of Amy’s awesome photos!


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