Rocky’s Blogs- Nana’s 75th Birthday Ride

Nana's 75th Birthday Ride

Covid Again Lock-down Level 3

Well the forest and pony club grounds closed again, not much more to do than take to the Road.

Its Nana’s birthday today and the sun is out so off we go for a lovely road ride. My mate Monty has arrived in his flash horse trailer and his human Carol saddled him up only to find she had not put the bit in his mouth! How often that happens when putting the bridle on! Monty and I (and of course Nana) had a big laugh! This happens when the bit goes into the mouth then the headpiece goes over the ears, if the horse like Monty, he can spit out the bit with out the boss noticing! Nana took a photo; Carol was very good natured about that!

Monty and I went for a ½ hour ride to Bobs place, he was ready, as excited to go out as his boss, Julie had been too busy selling houses (to pay for his new truck) to ride.

Bob is huge, a Friesian Cross monster, he had been naughty getting saddled up, dumped the saddle on the ground before the girth was done up! We have all done that I reckon. Anyway, Julie was not too pleased, an expensive saddle and all!

Every time Bob started to jig on the ride Nana told Julie off, she kept letting him and Nana kept moaning at her! (as she does)

Last week Julie went for a ride around the same block and there were some horses cantering around the paddock excitedly, Bob got excited too! And Julie got off. Any way the pair of them were a bit apprehensive to say the least!

Well that is where I came in, the hero of the day, it’s what I do so well! I told Bob “when the horses trot up to the fence, just walk beside me and don’t be a s…!” It is great what confidence I can give my mates! All went well

Carol and Monty walked on ahead until a truck appeared then they quickly got on the inside of me! Bob and Monty are not so good with trucks, when Bob banged into me it felt like a house hitting me, look at the photos of him and I, I’m such a shrimp!

Anyway, several truck episodes later, Bob was getting much better.

In the paddock (near the road) there was a tractor ramming posts in (lots of big bangs), I was okay but Nana had to lead Bob (Julie still aboard) she just took hold of one rein, not the correct way but without a lead this usually works. All good, a little jog then Bob walked okay.

The next obstacle – a great big Digger in the paddock not moving, not even turned on. But frightening Julie! Nana rode into the paddock and showed bob id was okay to go around it then under it! I have done this with other smaller diggers, but convincing Bob and Julie it was a safe mission! About 10 minutes later, Bob and I posed for the photographers Carol and Monty! Carol and Monty didn’t want to be photographed but was kind enough to get a photo of Bob to prove his conquest of the Digger.

To be honest this was a victory and Nana was quick to praise Julie and Bob.

Monty and I escorted Bob home, then we had a ½ hour trip back to my place, quite a big ride and quite a ‘learning curve for Bob’

Over and out

The Rock Star (aka Rocky)

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to keep an eye out for my future blogs!

touching noses
the three of us

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