North Island Pony Club Show Jumping Champs.

North Island Pony Club Show Jumping Champs.

North Island Pony Club Show Jumping Champs.  


On January the 15th, 20 teams from around the North Island arrived at Waikato Equestrian Centre for the 36th NI PC SJ Champs. At this event, teams of six pony clubbers compete in four different show jumping classes over two days to score points for their team. The event showcased some skilled riders, quick turns and speedy jump-offs. Teams consisted of two juniors riding at 90cm, two intermediates riding at 1m and two seniors riding at 1.05m.  


The first class of the weekend was the AM5, where all clear rounds go into a jump off and the fastest clear wins. Next was the accumulator, a challenging class which has the option of jumping a joker fence that was significantly higherSunday started off with the two phase, and then the last class was the jigsaw; a fun event where two riders of each team jump their own course of six jumps together against the clock. 


This yearan 80cm class was introduced, called A Taste Of Champs. A great chance for riders who did not make a team to still come down to champs with their District. The team format of the competition meant there was lots of cheering and support on the side-lines. It was great for younger or less experienced riders to gain confidence in their ring. Aside from the horse riding, another highlight of the event was staying up under the stars and talking with your teammates. Many stories were shared, strengthening friendships; and much knowledge was passed around as well.  


The competition was taken out by the Warkworth/Taupo District. In second was the Opotiki/Whitford Pony Club team, followed closely by Whangarei Pony Club in third place. Other team results can be found on Equestrian EntriesChamps is normally held by Cambridge Pony Club, however, the running of the event was handed over to Waikato Area Pony Club. A big thank you to them for putting on a successful event on such short notice.  


Hayley Newington 

  • Photo Credit Hayley Newington





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