Packing for a show- By Amara Green

Packing for a show- By Amara Green

Packing for a show- By Amara Green

This blog is my personal guide for preparing for a show, written by the queen of organization herself. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch considering I’ve literally shown up to one of the biggest shows of the year without any of my show gear, I’ve gone to a lesson without a saddle, just last week I left my long boots behind (luckily the show was local) and on multiple occasions haven’t walked the course… whoops. Regardless, these are my tips and tricks to being less forgetful (keep in mind, I have the memory of a goldfish).


Firstly, and one of the most common ways, write a list! I often find myself running around having sudden thoughts of what I need and forgetting to do something else, but when writing a list, you can go through everything and check off what you do and don’t have making it clear what you must do. Basically, whenever I haven’t used a checklist, I leave something behind.


Secondly, double check! Although it’s slightly time consuming, it’s never bad to double check, I think this one is pretty self-explanatory as I’m sure we’ve all quickly double checked and realised that we’re missing something. It’s better to take that extra time checking rather than stressing when you get to the show.


Thirdly, don’t leave packing until the last minute. This way you have time to grab everything and make sure you have it, usually when we’re rushing around last minute is when we tend to leave something behind, whether that’s a minor thing like a brush or something more major, in my case, a saddle! Luckily, I’ve never left the horse behind, yet…


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