Pony Club Auckland Manukau District Day- By Hayley Newington

Pony Club Auckland Manukau District Day- By Hayley Newington

Pony Club Auckland Manukau District Day- By Hayley Newington

The 12th of December was a fun day filled with lots of happy kids and happy ponies. The district day was hosted at Clevedon Pony Club and was a super opportunity for pony clubbers to have fun and gain competition experience. Around forty ponies from various pony club branches in the Auckland and Manukau district turned up with parents and supporters as well.


The kids all loved District Day because of the variety of events they were able to compete in. Those events included barrel racing, prix caprilli dressage, mounted games and round the ring. There were also dressage and show jumping classes suitable for all levels. The event especially provided a safe and supportive environment for less experienced riders because there were plenty of senior riders who were willing to lend a hand or give some words of encouragement.


Marian Galvin, former District Commissioner and now Manukau District Head Coach says, “Pony club has always had District Day, it has been around forever. It is an internal day where club members can get to know people from other clubs around the district. There is lots of opportunity for people to make connections and to support each other”. Auckland and Manukau Districts have had the combined District Day for three years now, and it has been great to meet more people and have new classes introduced.


Another special part of District Day was the Molly Beavis spirit award which is awarded in memory of a gorgeous little girl who used to come to pony club. This is awarded to someone who embodies the spirit of Molly during mounted games. This year, Sienna Ogilvie-Taylor was presented the award.


Overall, District Day is a great event for interclub rivalry, to make news friends and to learn. The kids all loved it, and the ponies all loved the carrots they were given afterwards!

  • Photo Credit Hayley Newington



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