Post-jumping Horse Care- By Amara Green

Post-jumping Horse Care- By Amara Green

Post-jumping Horse Care- By Amara Green

Over the past two seasons i’ve opened my eyes to the importance of caring for and maintaining my horses, especially as the jumps are being put up. So, this is my personal post-jumping routine to keep my horses happy, sound and competing at peak performance.


The first thing I focus on after a jump is the horses legs. To me, leg care is an absolute essential as the tendons and ligaments in their legs undergo the most strain during workouts and are most prone to injuries. I often use ice boots immediately after jumping (especially on hotter days). Icing helps to reduce inflammation, protect ligaments and tendons, and just prevent injuries and soreness in general plus it only takes 15-20 minutes. A great alternative to ice boots is hydrotherapy, whether that’s running the hose over their legs, putting them in an ice bath or taking them for a walk in the sea – it does a world of good! Another big thing for me is compression bandages. Compression bandages can help reduce swelling, increases blood and lymphatic flow, and quickens healing processes. As amazing as compression bandages are, they can do far more harm then good when applied incorrectly (i.e. permanent tendon damage), I personally recommend researching and seeking help from a professional before attempting for yourself.


Looking after your horses muscles, to me, is also big thing! I am lucky enough to own an Equissage which I find is a super useful tool before and after jumping. It helps with general pain relief, improves circulation, releases lactic acid, breaks up scar tissue, increases blood and lymphatic flow… and the list goes on. Theses benefits can be achieved with a simple hand-held massager which are highly accessible! My horses also get frequent visits from their therapist, Britta from BB Equine. Britta has over 30 years experience looking after and treating performance horses. Britta has been a huge influence on my horses well-being, helping to keep them happy, healthy and sound, often seeing immediate results during sessions.


My last point is rehydration and feeding! This one seems kind of obvious, but fueling your horse after a work out is a must! Horses lose water and electrolytes via sweating during exercise and it is vital to replace these by providing an adequate amount of water and provide a suitable amount of electrolytes. Feeding your horse helps to avoid muscle fatigue after a workout which I super important especially if you are jumping/competing multiple days in a row. Extra supplements can also be added to your horses feed to held support them before or after an intensive workout.

  • Photo Credit- Lind Waijenburg and Amara Green

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