Ribbons in Ruakaka- By Bella Harvey

Ribbons in Ruakaka- By Bella Harvey

Ribbons in Ruakaka

By Bella Harvey

Picture this: it’s a beautiful day. The sun is out, there is not a whisper of wind, and everyone is feeling the beginnings of summer. This was what my day out at Northgate Lodge for their ribbon day was like. The weather was lovely, but it wasn’t the only reason I had a great day. This competition ran like a well oiled machine right from start to finish, and to top it all off the horses we brought out were fantastic! 


My sister Charisse and I had brought Aria and Anika, our green horses, for a nice day of experience, and they ended up blowing us away! We spent three hours the night before plaiting and cleaning our horses, and the next day they looked stunning. We rolled their plaits and made our final adjustments before heading over to the rings. 


Anika has only been broken in for 9 months, so our expectations of her were relatively low. But she surprised us! She was an absolute superstar, trotting and cantering around the ring with all the other ponies like a seasoned professional. She even did the small jumps, which amazed us because she’s only jumped a few times. Anika and Charisse won a few ribbons, but the best part was the big smile she had on her face at the end of the day.


Ari has been broken in for quite a bit longer than Anika, but her and I are a relatively new pair, so we weren’t expecting much. We started off a bit agitated because Anika wasn’t with us but we soon got over it and produced some really nice work. Her favourite part of the day was definitely doing a lap of honour around the ring, she loved having a big canter while everyone was watching her! Just before lunch, Ari pulled it out of the bag and managed to score herself reserve champion hack on the flat. I was super proud to have her receive this in such a strong group of horses, and it really took the day to a whole new level.


I always enjoy events run out of Northgate Lodge. On a nice day, the place is beautiful and full of sunshine, and you can taste the salt on the breeze from Ruakaka beach. The judges and stewards were kind and helpful, and you never can beat the stable cafe’s hot chips! 


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