Richard Gardner heads to Sopot!

Richard Gardner heads to Sopot!

Richard Gardner heads to Sopot!

Top kiwi showjumper Richard Gardner is headed for Sopot in Poland as i am writing this article, unfortunately the truck is having a few mechanical issues, and they have had to stop in Germany to get some work done on it, causing many hours of interruption. The silver lining is that the horses have been let off the truck and are having a well earned break

Richard says that due to the huge amount of travel lately in the quest for Olympic selection an older truck will feel the rigors of the road.

On board is Calisto and Cromwell.

Calisto is straight into the 1.50m Grand Prix qualifier, and Cromwell will compete in the 1.45, ranking class.

All going well, Richard and Calisto will jump in the 1.60m Grand Prix on the Friday, Richard will need to finish in the top ten in the qualifier to get in the money, and to qualify for the GP, all the riders in the Nations Cup already qualify, so that only leaves ten spots.

NZ’s other star rider at the event is Daniel Meech, who by all accounts has already arrived at the event, and has gone to the beach to get a tan.

By Mark Wells.

  • Photo credit Libby Law and unknown.

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