Richard Gardner’s Strong Form Continues!

Richard Gardner's Strong Form Continues!

Richard Gardner’s Strong Form Continues!

Kiwi star showjumper Richard Gardner is continuing his strong form when it really counts, with only a week or so left until the New Zealand selectors for Tokyo have to make their tough decision, Richard is out and about at 4 and 5 star shows and getting the job done!

Calisto jumped great in Munich finishing 7th in the ” Championat of Munich LR” class with a awesome double clear, and Roulette finished 2nd in the 1.30m flying around clear.

This week is Poznan in Poland, which is the last show before Olympic selection.

Richard has just been awarded the wild card slot for Sopot, so it’s an extremely busy time for Richard and his team, very big shows, tough competition, huge amounts of travel, but they are giving it a good nudge.

In Poznan Calisto is jumping in the big tour, Roulette in the middle tour, and Richard also has a lovely six year old named ” Cookies and Cream in the age class.


Stay tuned for more of Richards exploits.


By Mark Wells.

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