Rocky’s Blog- To become a Show Jumper!

Rocky’s Blog- To become a Show Jumper!

Rocky’s Blog- To become a Show Jumper!

Hi All!  My report from last showjumping camp – Nana packed the truck in the morning, got out lunge lead and told me to stretch my legs in preparation for the 3 1/2 hour trip North.  I sure stretched everything, bucked for about 15 minutes, I was so excited to see that all my stuff had been put in the truck! After a final 10 minutes, when I had relaxed enough to trot calmly, Nana and I left for Northland.

Nana’s son Mark had had a terrible accident the day before – a car came out of a side road straight into his! Nana was pretty shaken by the photos of his car all smashed up.  She told me she was quite apprehensive about the drive, with me in the back.  Traffic-wise, you never know what others might do!

Well apparently, 1/2 way to Ruakaka, a piece of steel about 40cm long flew off the front of an oncoming truck and smashed into the front of my truck, of course I only heard the bang, but Nana was pretty traumatised.  Arriving at Camp Nana rushed to look at the front of the truck, a huge dent only 45cm from the window!  Had the steel hit the window, Nana would have been history, and me too, an innocent passenger!

Anyway, camp news, on Friday, Ruby, Mark’s groom, rode me for the first day, she had always wanted to, and we went really well together!  A beach ride with 10 horses – lovely.

Saturday: well this is news-finally Nana has agreed to let me be sold to go jumping – Whoopee! Let me at it!  No good saying ‘I think he is a pony’ – I had to go to Barge Park, wherever that is, and be officially measured! First thing in the morning Mark and I went to the beach for a quick ride, then onto the ‘walker’ at camp.  Half an hour drive to Whangarei, thought it pretty exciting arriving there – apparently it was a big measuring day for ‘minis’ – that’s what they call the ponies which are about the size of big dogs. There were lots of them! I wanted to chat to them and be friends but Nana took me for a trot around the grounds to get me relaxed, I still could see most of the action though as mini after mini was onloaded by my truck, with the odd big horse also.

There are huge cross-country jumps there, Nana and I had a good look at them, she said she didn’t want to jump them, I said “Get off then”, I’ll go by myself!

Anyway, the official lady called out for us to go in; they were ready for me.  Nana pulled my saddle off and we went into this big shed.  Nana had a feed bucket and the only problem was I was so hungry I didn’t lift my head our of it!  The rules for measuring are very strict:

  1. You have to have a bridle on.
  2. No thin shoes, only normal ones.
  3. No calming drugs. I was tired and hungry and sure didn’t require anything else.  They say that an excited or nervous pony which doesn’t relax does not give a true measure, they grow inches higher when they go in the shed!

Anyway I was measured as a pony within one minute! “Very easy measuring” the boss lady said.  It was Nana who was nervous, but she wasn’t tested for drugs, probably luckily!

Back at the camp, half an hour’s rest, then off to the beach with 8 horses, two nervous ones!.  Safely back to camp – a huge day for me!  Sunday day off for me!

Monday and Nana’s longtime friends came for a catch up. Neville is part of the showjumping pony club scene in Whangarei and actually is Mark’s God Father!

Well Mark saddled me up to show Neville what I was like.  Nana really wants me to go to a good home and the more people who hear about me the better! Mark is over six feet tall, and weighs a ton! I was so tired still but jumped well for him, what a load to carry though! Mark asked for four  flying changes (over a pyramid of three poles as per his training tutorials which Nana had seen, but not me of course)   I did four perfectly, told you I am a smart pony!   I am staying up here in Ruakaka for some schooling, “Maybe four flying changes in a row was a fluke”, they said.

Well folks, who wants to partner up with me?  I have had six different riders at Mark’s camps, what it would be like to have just one!


P.S.  I had to have a ‘show’ name for the height certificate on Saturday-what did Nana say –

‘Just Rocky’


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