Rocky’s Blogs – “Clipping Make Over”

Hi, Did you notice in one of my previous blogs that I was pretty wolley….wooley..” I can’s spell Wolly?!? lol anyhow, I’m not now!!!!!

I was ashamed of my legs, they were not clipped and they looked “Filled”…. this is a term used when legs are swollen or puffy from an injury etc, a good owner always checks the horses legs before riding, well they should check everyday regardless, a bit late if your two ks down the road and then notice a problem.

Nana’s friend Mel has clipped me the last two years, usually in May, I was embarrassed in front of my mates “Monty and Gin”, they always look lovely, but I always look scruffy, unfortunately Nana decided to clip me this time, shes not as a good as Mel.

Can you see in the photo my long hair, especially my legs? from the lockdown of course, no hair dressers for horses!

Mum clipping Rocky

My human does a good job, and my manners are soooo good!

Mel has cordless clippers a big pair for the body, and small quiet set for legs, head and ears, Mel has just had an operation, so she lent Nana her clippers, that was nice of her.

Really I quiet like being clipped, it tickles me and I just keep nuzzeling Nana, pulling at her clothes, hair etc, she lets me but always says ” No Teeth Rocky”, When I can I reach around and give myself a good scratch with my teeth, some horses I have seen being clipped have had to have a sedative, and even then they act stupid, I have seen them rearing, pulling away, even kicking!!! some horses wont even let the clippers come near them, very frightening apparently, as for dirty kicks, I cant understand that, there is no excuse to kick your human.

To clip my ears, just the bit on the inside where they are fluffy Nana just puts some string around my neck and away she goes, no halter or anything.

When I get clipped I just relax, so I don’t get hot and sweaty, I am easy to clean and put away after a ride, I have a lovely warm cover.

Mum clipping Rocky

I look great don’t you think?


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