Rocky’s Blogs – Club Ride At Abderry

Club ride at Abderry

My owner/operator ” Nana” belongs to an adult ride club, mostly for old biddy’s like her, with a few dressage experts thrown in.
We went to this lovely property for all things equestrian, wonderful jumps, lovely sand arenas, not sure where I fit in lol…..

As Nana led me into this arena a huge gust of wind came, and I couldn’t help myself- bucking and leaping around, rearing and snorting, lucky she hadn’t gotten on me!
After about 10 minutes of all of the above happening I finally settled down and Nana got on, all the other riders kept moving away from me, Nana asked everyone of they wanted to be my friend, no one did!

There was a series of trot poles on the ground, about 6 inches in diameter, Nana had led me over them, I jumped the first one and cleared it by about 3 feet! just to be safe, it might bite me!
These trot poles are apparently an introduction to jumping, one is supposed to walk over them, I did know this but I was to excited.

Nana had draw reins or running reins on me to keep my head down and me in a nice round frame, lucky for her as my head would have been bopping her on the nose lots of times that day. When I was calm we did trotting over poles, lots of canter circles (I only got the canter lead wrong a couple of times – more to explain this later).
We walked up to lots a scary jumps that had fillers like flowers, water trays, stop signs, go signs, road cones etc…..I would have no problem jumping them but Nana just wouldn’t have a go!

Thanks for reading my blogs – more Nana tales to come!

Pole practice
I'm on the bit!
Pole practice
Treats! yummy!

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