Rocky’s Blogs- Franklin Adult Ride Day

Rocky's Stories- Franklin Adult Ride Day

I have heard everyone talk about ” Fargies”, I’ve just found out that it’s an abbreviation for ” Franklin Adult Ride” this is a group of old Farts, pardon the expression, like my human Nana.
Well today they had a short instruction, then all of us horses were tied to the trailers and trucks, and then it was a ” Bring and Buy” whatever that is…..? looked like there was some good tack and some rubbish tack.Then they had a some shared lunch, I had some hay whilst I waited, Nana said it was the best bit of the day. I quite enjoyed talking to my mate who was tied up at the next truck, we both agreed that the one and a half hours of dressage was not as exciting as the beach or forest.

Half Halts- I know about them, it’s when the ride checks the horse for a stride or two, whatever the pace is… walking, trotting, cantering, I don’t always do what Nana asks, sometimes I am too excited, and some times I would just rather slow right down and have a rest.

Long and Low- I usually like to do this, this is when the rider asks the horse to stretch their head and necks down as low to the ground as they can, and go along quietly with a little contact ( pressure on the reins), I use this movement to grab a mouthful of whatever is in reach lol- I admit that I take every opportunity to ” snack on the go”, this is frowned upon by everyone, especially Nana, who is trying hard to break my habit.Once Nana saw a horse nearly choke to death on ” Prince of Wales” leaves, these got caught in his mouth and throat, the coughing was awful!!! I know that story by heart, but I still can”t resist grabbing any old stuff I can reach. I must have been an Indian pony in another life when they had to scavenge for everything just to stay alive, I certainly look like an Indian pony don’t you think?

Nana brought me a pair of travelling boots, apparently horses should wear these in the horse mover, these were made by Weather Beeta, apparently a very good brand, I have never worn these things, Nana trusts me to look after myself, and I have traveled all over the North Island with no issues.
I often see horses arrive at events all dolled up like superstars with these boots on, They walk down the ramps of the horse mover thing like they are badly constipated! I don’t think Nana will ever think I am important enough to wear these things, I hope not!

I meant to say that before the instruction session started Nana was tacking me up ( which means putting my saddle and bridle on ) and I was left by myself at the truck, my mate was already tacked up and taken away by his human, I got so excited I could hardly contain myself, by the time Nana led me to the arena I was acting like a Spanish Stallion! Everyone was looking in horror as she led me to the mounting block, ( old humans need mounting blocks to get on their horses) I always stand perfectly still when Nana gets on me, I always do, it’s one of the things I am very good at. Anyway, once Nana was on I calmed down and we were fine, apart from a couple of excited moments, the lesson went ok, it was a bit boring if you ask me, but I did manage to do the trot poles without any big leaps! I’m glad Nana didn’t try jumping anything though, I was tot excited for that. I’m enjoying writing these blogs, I hope you’re enjoying reading them!

Ok- Catch ya later!


Franklin Adult Ride

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