Rocky’s Blogs – “Introduction”

Hi, I’m Rocky, and I am 14.3hh and 7 years old.

I live on 16 beautiful acres, but my human/pet only lets me eat on 2 acres though, and only small piddly bits of that at a time- These are the house rules!

My human is 75 years old, so as you can imagine most of my exercise with her is pretty low key, 21 years ago my human was known as the “Galloping Grandma” she used to excel in 40km endurance races! Hard to believe now when she trots me “sooo slowly”, always collected, and boy oh boy can we canter slowly!

Mum and I doing flat work

Flat work practice

This slow riding is obviously an age thing, but remember, I am only 7 years old, so often we disagree on speed, and many other things too.

We live 5 kilometers from the Kariotahi surf beach and 15 minutes from the local forest, so these are two of our regular outings in the truck, I do lots of road riding, pretty busy roads around here, its 3 minutes drive in the truck to the town, I can get there in 20 minutes on my hooves. Nana ( my human ) says this is why she brought a young thing like me, and if I do say so myself, “I’m pretty good on the road”.

I can show you my favourite riding places, and favourite people I like to visit if you like.

Rocky visits his friends

Mmmmmm yummy treats

I’ve got lots of friends I go out with, mostly bigger than me,  and with much younger human riders of course, but you should hear what they talk about!!!

Mum and I doing flat work

More flat work practice.....boring!!!

Oh, I forgot to mention trekking, we do that a lot!!

Ok, well I better go, my human is coming to feed me, and I love to eat!!

Rocky eating the mandarin tree


Talk soon,


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