Rocky’s Blogs-“Look out, a WIND THING !”

Rocky's Blogs- “Look out, a WIND THING !”

Rocky’s Blogs- “Look out, a WIND THING !”

We went for a (series of shies) around the road today, that’s what Nana called it ! Well what do you expect a young fit horse to do after a week stuck in the paddock.

On this ride we have to go on the main road ( to the beach) for 300 meters to get to a quieter side road. Lots of big trucks, horse trailers, car trailers, and motor bikes !

I was quite good really, some of the vehicles passed so fast and so close to me!

 About 2km up a long hill, lots of trotting and cantering,  no problems,……then I swear I have never seen this “Wind Turbine” thing above the trees in the distance. Maybe this is the first time I have sure seen it going “around and around”.

 I must admit I stopped dead and Nana very nearly kept going !

 I also must admit I put on a bit of a show, snorting and farting, well mostly snorting, all the way down a steep clay track, and up the other side! This track is very slippery and rough, none of Nana’s mates like it, only a sure footed horse (like me) can trot down and up the other side ! Nana expects a lot doesn’t she ?

 Six teenagers were at the top, they came over to admire me, gave me lots of grass, all mixed up with roots and all, real townie kids they were! Horses don’t eat the roots, but they didn’t know.!

 I was pleased to stop and be admired, after all my WIND WORRIES.

I wonder what other horses think of these WIND THINGS.


See photos how to correctly feed a treat to your horse.

Apples – put  in the palm of your hand, keep fingers away!

Carrots – cut length ways, let horse take a bit at a time!

Grass – Offer a bunch with roots at the bottom, Keep fingers safe !!

Do NOT feed horse from your mouth – very dangerous, just thought a photo would remind you.


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