Rocky’s Blogs- My Second Show!!!

Rocky's Blogs- My Second Show!!!

Rocky’s Blogs- My Second Show!!!

At Northgate I have been training with a variety of riders, including Nana’s son Mark 6ft plus and 95 kilos’! I was glad every time he put a smaller rider on me. The saying is weight stops trains!

Nana even came up for a few days and we went to the beach, neat photos of me eh!

See the photo of me waiting for my rider, I will wait tied to the truck for hours and hours- hay bag and a bucket of water, that is all I ask!

Show Day

Since my first show everybody’s been impressed with me, I’ve even been impressed with myself. I only just learnt what a show jumping course even was! I think both me and my rider were a little bit nervous at the 2nd show, it was only the second time Kaiya had even ridden me so i think we both did pretty good. I’ve been showing off my skills to everyone at Northgate. They were happy with how I was going so they asked Kaiya if she would ride me at Waimate North show jumping, and of course she said yes . I didn’t really know what we were doing or even where they were taking me but I happily loaded and waited to arrive at our destination , it was quite  a long drive to say the least but it was all worth it when they unloaded me and I got given carrots . I had to wait a little while for Kaiya to come over because she had to ride her horse Kauri first. when she got over i was already tacked up ready to go , she hopped on and just walked me around for a little while because i was a little bit excited , she started warming me up slowly by Marks instructions it felt a little bit weird with all of these random horses cantering past me and racing around me to get to the practice jump but i got used to it . We finally got to do a practice jump and I was super excited. I didn’t really want to put my head down, but I followed my riders instructions and listened to her. Once we got into the ring, I got a little bit nervous and saw all these people on the side with their scary chairs and all, but we carried on and started our round. The first few jumps were amazing and i flew over them but then I got a little bit too excited and my rider didn’t see a good stride between a related line so I got a bit deep and knocked the rail , so after that jump my rider just slowed me right down to finish the last few jumps when we went to leave the ring the judge called me over and it actually turns out that my rider went before the bell , ( oops ) but we all make mistakes . so my rider hopped off me and went to ride Kauri again in his second round , I waited patiently like the good boy I am and Kaiya eventually came back over to ride me again , she hopped on and walked me round for a little bit but then hopped off again to walk her course , she came back with a big smile on her face ready to ride me. We warmed up and did a few practice jumps. I was feeling amazing, like no one could stop me. We went in the ring ready this time and waited for the bell ( haha ) it was such an incredible round. I think everyone was pleased with me. It was a double clear and I didn’t find out till I got home that I came sixth, but I was still so happy!

I’m all ready to go out to my next show with my rider and do some bigger heights.



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