Rocky’s Blogs – Saturday Story

Saturday…. I was having a big rest, and then Nana made me get up, she put me in the truck, and off to the forest we go….. But actually, after I got up I galloped around the paddock before she caught me, this always puts her in a bad mood, but I never learn, and I like it lol.

Into the horse mover!

Into the horse mover! yay!

This was the first ride since the lockdown ended, all us horses were pretty excited, I tried to contain myself and did rather well I thought, however when I jumped and bounded a bit Nana rudely criticized me.

” Iroh” a horse that looks a bit like me thought she saw a lion one big bush, Cathy her rider sure uses more swear words than nana, the tracks were really overgrown with no horses allowed there for two months, there were more swear words when in turn each of us horses saw more lions and tigers etc, we did big shies and leaps away from the dangers, we sure had to be ” on the ball”

When we were nearly back at the truck and going down a hill ( nana was giving her version of a cheese cake muffin) it was lucky that I was watching where my feet were, as I had to jump 3 foot in to the air over a branch growing over the track! Nana nearly fell off, I thought it was better to jump really high over it as it might have been a trap!

The scary log!

Watch out!! it could be a trap!!

Oh well, better safe than sorry, got to go, Nanas got a carrot in her pocket that must be removed.


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