Rocky’s Blog’s- Tooth Time

Rocky's Blog's- Tooth Time

Rocky’s Blog’s- Tooth Time

Rocky’s Blog

“Tooth Time”

Today the tooth dentist came – “Bruce”.

Bruce has done my teeth three years running.

Whilst I don’t exactly like this visit, who would, it is a necessary thing.

Some facts from Bruce.

  1. A fully developed 5 year old has 36 to 44 teeth.
  2. I advise a dental check every year.
  3. A horse starts changing his baby teeth at 2.5, by age 4.5, they have changed 24 teeth!
  4. “Wolf teeth”, a small tooth on either side of the mouth, normally right where the bit sits. These teeth can sometimes cause problems for the horse, resulting in head tossing, and fighting the bit. Often these teeth need removing by a vet.
  5. Don’t put off getting teeth done. Like your own teeth, plague often needs removing. Also a good time to check the bit you are using is, not marking the horse’s mouth.

In my photos you see a close-up of the Speculum (gag). This is an apparatus which holds the mouth open, makes the job safe for the dentist! This looks awful but I don’t find it too ghastly!

One photo shows Bruce filing my teeth, he is smiling, I am not !!

Sheltering from the rain, in my stable, I accidently backed into a bucket, no problem. I was more concerned with my mouth than my back legs!

Anyway all finished, mouth pretty good, Bruce said.

My dentist charges less than Nana’s, so she was happy.

After treating a horse, Bruce always gives his little mate Blondie a ride, if the horse is quiet like me!

Today was so wet that Blondie had to be content with sitting on me in the stable. I think a small, light rider is great !


When I was 4 years old, my mouth was sore, the vet removed my wolf teeth and I felt much better.





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