Rocky’s Stories – My first Show!

Rocky’s Stories - My first Show!

Rocky’s Stories – My first Show!

After being measured at Barge Park I stayed at North Gate Lodge for a week then Whoopee, off to my first ever show, guess where?

Arrived at Barge Park, Nana’s son Mark took me in my  truck.  I thought we were going treking – but never have I seen such flash outfits!  Some trucks had hot water for washing horses, can you believe that?

My rider Kaiya, knew it was all new for me, she kept me calm and more or less focussed on the jumps!

Into the ring, a bell rang in my ear – my start bell I found out!  I jumped about 10 fences, only small, thought that was it, ‘Clear Round’ a loudspeaker said, another bell in my ear, start of the instant jump off, didn’t know what that was! Another round straight away, just a different way around!  I happily ‘popped’ around that course, well I don’t really pop, see some of my photos!

Heard the loudspeaker say again, ‘Clear Round’, people were clapping, just like on TV.  I was very pleased with myself!

Tied up at my truck, then what now?  Same again! No one realised that the jumping boots on my front legs were rubbing me.

On my second class my fetlocks were really sore, and I looked uncomfortable, between fences.  I jumped another ‘Double Clear’ (that’s what they call it!)  ‘Honest As’, that’s what they call me!

By that night both my fetlocks were quite swollen, I am a bush pony, not used to boots!

Anyway, so ended my first show – excited arriving – excited going into the practice ring – excited into the first class – double clear, then a rest at the truck – then the same all over again, more relaxed about it all now – ‘double clear’ again.

Had to wait at the truck for hours for Mark to finish jumping his big horses, and was ready to go home.

Apart from a little bit of effort over the small jumps, the day was nowhere near as tiring as a five-hour trek over huge hills.   Maybe when the jumps get bigger, more effort will be required!




P.S.  Look at some of my photos!  What do you think?

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