Show Jumping Waikato and Takapoto Equestrian Premier Show- By Amara Green

Show Jumping Waikato and Takapoto Equestrian Premier Show- By Amara Green

Show Jumping Waikato and Takapoto Equestrian Premier Show- By Amara Green

This show we only bought Yoyo as we decided Daisy could have a weekend off and there were only limited classes she could do. Although Yoyo missed his girlfriend, he sure does love being the centre of attention!

We showed up late on the Friday night to do our first class in the morning on Saturday. This show we decided to just stay at the lower heights as this was our first premier show together. Our first class was the NZ Jumping Supplies horse 1.10m. We went around really smoothly having pretty accurate spots all the way around, but Yoyo decided it was too small to put in any real effort so skimmed a few jumps and ended up taking down the second jump in a double. When the had the Garrards Horse and Hound Horse 1.20m in the POURING rain may I add. We had an excellent warmup and a great, clear first phase! But then in the jump off I got a bit stupid… Down one of the lines it was a quiet 5 stride so what did I decided to do? Push him forward down the line and halfway down realise that I screwed up… I then got a bit lazy to the last which resulted in another rail. I was super happy with how Yoyo jumped, just a bit disappointed in myself.

On Sunday we only had one class which was the Canter for Cancer Horse 1.15m championship. We yet again had a great warmup and were very ready to go into the ring! We jumped around clear for the whole round, up until the last jump!! He tanked off on me down the last related line and down goes the rail… I was absolutely gutted! Although we didn’t place and I was a bit disappointed we looked at it as a ‘learning’ show. Me and Yoyo are still getting to know each other and this show left us with some new things to work on.

Thank you to all the sponsors, organizers and judges of the event, this was my first time competing at Takapoto estate and won’t be my last! The facilities were amazing and it was an extremely well run show.

Huge thanks to Mark for the help and support even in the pouring rain on Saturday!

And of course my Mum for driving me, standing in the rain, helping with Yoyo and moral support!


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