SPRING FEVER!!!- By Michelle Sefton-Celtic Stud

SPRING FEVER!!!- By Michelle Sefton-Celtic Stud

SPRING FEVER!!!- By Michelle Sefton-Celtic Stud

Now are paddocks are starting to dry nicely and spring grass is coming through there are so many things to beware of and keep an eye on you horses and ponies.


Due to the rain and warmth we are having, the grass growth is picking up and so are the mycotoxins, fungal spores, higher potassium levels, high starch levels and high sugar levels in the new nice shoots of grasss.


This is a reminder to all to keep an eye on any behavior changes that your horse/pony may be showing and to get them onto great supplements with simple feeding.


Dynavyte MBS is fab! It helps the gut flora and good bacteria in the stomach right through to hind gut to absorb the good nutrients easily and to their best, and break down the toxins and flush them out. For those with horses or ponies where their poo is becoming soft or like cow pats, MBS is what you need! It will help the hind gut to start working again properly to help break the waste and toxins down that cause this and form normal poo again. Another addition I would add is Farmalogic Grazaid to make sure they are getting all they need for their bodies to counteract the toxins and excrete them from their system safely. This includes mycotoxins, fungal spores, high potassium and high sugar levels. Lastly salt needs to be added to balance out the potassium/sodium ratio, this should be added at 10gm/100kg bodyweight.


It is also key that you have your horse or pony on very low starch, nil potassium and nil sugar hard feeds at this time of year. Make feeding simple and add what they need via supplements to their feed. That way you know they are getting a balanced diet and all that they need for great health inside out. This feed regime also helps, as if you need to up hard feed due to energy output, or more fibre or for weight gain or weight loss, you can do so by still keeping a balanced diet with a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement eg Farmalogic EVM or if on Oxalate grasses Farmalogic TropicalPRO. A great gut health supplement and for those with grass sensitivity a great supplement like Dynavyte MBS for great gut health and Farmalogic Grazaid for the mycotoxins and fungal spores.


If your horse is prone to ulcers and get triggered with the spring grass I recommend Dynavyte Egusceed which forms a lining to protect the stomach wall, gastric tract and hind gut.


Those who have horses or ponies with EMS, PPID, Cushings, or proned to laminitis or founder to get in quick and start them on Farmalogic Laminitis Fighter to prevent laminitis from happening and this product, in turn once in the system over time means horses and ponies can spend more time turned out, than locked up in a yard or stable. Laminitis Fighter also aids in the treatment of laminitis and helps to remove fatty deposits and cresty necks and is a great supplement for those with EMS, PPID, Cushings as it helps to balance their bodies and insulin levels.


If you would like a nutrition consult please contact me through: celticstudnz@gmail.com.

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