The Rotorua Spring Show – A take on the show by Isabelle Jameson (Rider) and Ally Hibbert (Reporter).

The Rotorua Spring Show - A take on the show by Isabelle Jameson (Rider) and Ally Hibbert (Reporter).

The Rotorua Spring Show – A take on the show by Isabelle Jameson (Rider) and Ally Hibbert (Reporter).

1. Have I ever competed at this show?
Yes, two years ago I competed in my first ever pony Grand Prix and junior rider at this show. Although this time was different with all the big classes being indoors, it has always been one of my favourite shows and nice to have it so early in the season.

2. What horses did you take and where were your results as planned?
I took three horses. DiCaprio CSNZ, Pacific Prince and Quick Draw (for sale on behalf, owned by Anna Grey). I rode in classes up to Young rider and horse Mini Prix (1.35m). Although we didn’t get the results we had planned for, I was pleased with how the horses performed and picked up a few minor placings along the way.

3. What was the show atmosphere like and how was the weather?
The show atmosphere was nice. Taupo Equestrian Center is a big venue so it doesn’t feel very crowded. But there was a great turnout, especially coming out of lockdown and into the season. The temperature was a lot colder then we are used to up here in Northland. Horses got well rugged and lots of hay to keep them warm at night. The weather packed up by Sunday. Very windy and heavy rain. We scratched from any outside classes but still started DiCaprio CSNZ indoors in the Mini Prix. It was a very wet warmup!!

4. How long were you at the show for and what did your average day look like?
We left Whangarei early Thursday morning and left Taupo early the Following Monday morning, staying an extra night due to bad weather conditions. Most competition days we get up between 6 and 7, sometimes earlier depending on what time my first class starts. We leave a 2 hour gap between hard feed and competing so that we know they have had time for their food to digest. We would then take them for a long walk/graze, muck out, refill water and have
breakfast before grooming, tacking up and walking courses. In the evening we would give them their daily Equissage before feeding, walking/grazing, wrapping their legs, mucking out and then we sort ourselves out. The horses always come first.

5. Did you find Covid levels changing affected the show?
Yes definitely. We are all thankful that levels changed only a few days before the show started. They originally had separate events running at once depending on the level you compete at and your age. Limited numbers were allowed and no spectators, parents or grooms near the rings. They reopened entries and they changed all of the above. Overall the event organisers did an amazing job!!

6. Would you attend this show in the future?
Yes I would go again. I always look at my team and make a decision based on the horses and what is best for them at the time, but it is always on my season schedule.

There you have it!! The Rotorua Spring show is a hit! Well done Isabelle on your results (even though not as planned – the horses performed well and that’s all that matters – can always improve!!) and now I hope everyone enjoys these photos 🙂

Thank you to Amy C Photography for taking these awesome shots!!

  • Photo credit Amy C Photography

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