The Unofficial Royal Blog- By HRH Chime

The Unofficial Royal Blog- By HRH Chime

The Unofficial Royal Blog

Hello again my intrepid followers.  How are we all coping with this Covid thing that is going on?

I tell you it must be a very sirias… sereus… bad virus because I think it has made my Mumma a bit dolally in the head.

You see out of the blue my Mumma decided that she was going to take me to the Paparoa Show to compete.  Ah yes, I hear you say, she has done that before.  Yes indeed, but we are not just talking about the dolly flat classes here people. My Mumma got it into her head that she would do the round the ring jumping with me.  Now anyone who has ever gone to an A&P show and watched the hunter jumping classes know that these are not for the faint hearted.  There are usually big solid walls and huge brushes and a gnarly wire jump.  Of course my Mumma has done heaps of round the ring jumping but not for thirty odd years!  The last time she did that sort of thing was when she was on ponies.

So anyway Mumma in all of her wisdom decided that we were more than capable of coping with this new found interest and off we trundled.  Mumma made sure her big girl undies were on, two pairs in fact, (seriously I am not lying, Mumma had two pairs of big girl undies on!!)

Mumma said I had to do some of the dolly classes first to warm up, but actually I think she was hoping it would tire me out so I wasn’t so anthuze… inthozelastic…enthusia… keen when we started jumping.

I was my usual lazy self, going round in circles in the Riding Horse classes because argghhh how boring is that right.  Mumma was pretty pleased with me though because I got a pretty wide ribbon for reserve champion or something.  At lunchtime we got to walk around and look at the jumps and I am pretty sure Mumma was wishing she had triple bagged that shit and put a third pair of undies on.  I wasn’t too interested in looking at the jumps and was too busy trying to eat the grass every time we stopped to look at a jump.

In our first class we had to do the smaller jumps because it was a novice class.  Personally I would have been more than happy to just do the big ones but secretly I think Mumma was pretty happy to do the smaller ones first.  We had to make sure those big girl undies were going to do the job so I went pretty slow the first round.  Not sure if I just didn’t know what to expect or I was just lulling Mumma into a false sense of security.

Because the next round we got to do the big ones and dang it was fun!!  I soared over those walls and brushes like I was out in the field hunting those rascally rabbits.  We always had to go over four walls and then finish after the brush jump so after a couple of rounds I knew the drill and would slow down after the brushes so Mumma could breathe again. I think she appreciated that.

But then my Mumma fooled me.  Apparently it was ‘the big jump.’  The Guy Lynch Memorial Open Hunter.  Well we had to go first because Mumma said we may as well get it over with.  I cantered slowly past the gate and then BAM off to the first jump.  Flying over the walls and down the brushes.  Awesome I’m finished I thought and started to slow down.

“We are not finished yet sucker!” my Mumma called out and gave me a hurry up.  So I carried on over three more walls again and then turned towards the wire jump.  I truly felt like I was Pegasus and had wings, leaping over the enormous wire like it was a pole on the ground.  Mumma was absolutely stoked and so proud of me, and her very supportive knickers.

But the best was yet to come because apparently I had jumped those jumps so good that we actually won the class.  We got a lovely red ribbon and a small trophy that we get to keep and a certificate and $80 prizemoney.  I am really hoping that Mumma buys me something nice with the money, some carrots perhaps, but she did mention something about needing new undies.

We also got another pretty wide ribbon for reserve champion hunter so Mumma was super pleased with our efforts that weekend.

So anywho… maybe Mumma will do some more hunter jumping next season with me because I must say it was pretty fun.

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