The Unofficial Royal Blog- By HRH Chime

The Unofficial Royal Blog- By HRH Chime

The Unofficial Royal Blog- By HRH Chime

Well it has been a while my gallant followers but I can assure you that I have not disappeared off the face of the Earth.  We have just been super busy getting the new season underway.

Now I do realise that I am an “unofficial” royal but I tell you what, Bonny Prince Charles ain’t got nothing on me.

You see my Mumma tells me that I am an afleet…athalet…player.  So I always have to be at my peak performance.

That’s why Mumma makes sure I get all the newtrishanel…nutrishinil…best food so that I can be in top condition.  Sometimes though, that dude who rides me tells Mumma that maybe I eat too much because sometimes I have a bit of a Dad Bod going on.  But I don’t know. I reckon the ladies like a little bit of extra on the side sometimes.

Now the other day I had a special visitor.  Her name is Kim Dawkins and she does the most AMAZING massages.  Mumma says that all the top sports people get regular massages so she thought I might apreshiat…apresheate…like one.

Mumma even has one of those massaging chairs up in her house but she reckons I won’t fit in it so I’m not allowed to try it, darn it!

Anyway back to Kim.  She has all these little bottles with special aromatherapy oils in them.  She lets me choose which one I would like.  She holds the little bottle under my nose and I sniff it, letting the delicious scent waft through my nostrils.  Sometimes I don’t really like the smell and I turn my nose up at it so she won’t use that particular one on me.  She waits until I find one that I connect with and show an interest in and that is the one that she will use.

Now I definitely reckon that Kim has got magic hands.  She kneads and rubs and stretches my muscles all over my body.  I have had a little bit of a sore back lately and she stood up on her little stool and really got stuck into the muscles on my back.  It sort of hurt a bit, but in a good way.  At one stage I almost sat down on her feet because it felt so good.  Every time she stopped I would back my butt up to her and make her start again.

She also has this little device that she calls ‘an activator.’  She pulls the top of it and lets it go and it flicks onto my back and makes me flinch. But damn girl, it feels so good afterwards.

I always feel so relaxed after my massages and sometimes I just have to go back into my yard for a bit of a snooze.

My Mumma also has an Equilibrium Therapy massage pad that she uses on me in between Kim’s visits.  It helps warm my back up before events and then relaxes the muscles again after being ridden.

Another awesome gadget that my Mumma has for me is Ice Vibe boots.  These are a blend of ice packs and vibration and help to increase circulation and reduce any swelling in my legs.  Mumma puts them on before an event with just the wobbly bit and no ice to help warm up my legs.  Then after I have finished my showjumping round she gets the ice packs out of the freezer and wraps them around my legs with the shaking boots on the top. It helps cool my legs down and gets the blood pumping.

Somehow I think my Mumma loves me lots and lots.

I can’t wait for Kim’s next visit but in the meantime I am going to see if I can squeeze my butt into that massage chair.


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