The Unofficial Royal Blog- HRH Chime

The Unofficial Royal Blog- HRH Chime

The Unofficial Royal Blog- HRH Chime

Hello again my beloved followers, it is I your royal muse HRH Chime again.

This time I thought I would give you a bit of a tour of my regal empire.

As you may well know I live at the Northgate Lodge Palace.  It is found in the kingdom of Ruakaka about 30 kilometres south of the empire of Whangarei.  I have resided here since I was only a couple of hooves old and it just the best place ever.

Of course I have my own majestic stable with my very own title bestowed upon it.  Mumma doesn’t like anyone else using my stable but I have occasionally caught a simple commoner sneaking in to use it!!  I can’t believe the gall of some horses, to think they can sit on another horse’s throne.

Just outside the stables we have some lovely covered sand yards where I get to hang out with my more common folk friends.  Mumma says it keeps me grounded to hang out with the other horses occasionally.  Although I don’t mind being in there by myself.  A bit of peace and quiet is rather invigaratin…invegoriting…invigar…nice at times.

Behind the covered yards we have a real life merry-go-round.  Well Mumma calls it a walker but I like to pretend that it is an amazing life-sized carousel.  So when Mumma puts me in it and makes me trot around I like to pretend that I am one of those beautiful horses that goes up and down, up and down.  Of course Mumma just says I am bucking but she obviously doesn’t have an incredible imagination like me I guess.

One of the coolest things we have got at Northgate Lodge Palace is a huge sandpit that we all get to play in.  It is about 90 metres long and 60 metres wide so there is heaps of room for me and all my friends to frolic in. It also has 27 tonnes of fibre on it so it is nice and soft, just in case somebody decides they want to roll around in it (or fall off!).  Sometimes we get to practise how to be beautiful riding horses and dance around in the sand looking all pretty.  Other times we get to practise our jumping which is my most favourite thing to do, and I must admit I am pretty good at it if I do say so myself.  We also have some cool cross country jumps like ditches and tyres and logs and I even get to jump a train!  Mumma also likes to put funny obstacles up for us to play with like bridges and moats.  She says if we ever want to be the Queen’s horse then we have to be able to go over and under and around things without freaking out.

Most of my friends and me live in our own little forts with lovely post and rail fences and cool shelters so that we can get out of the sun or the rain.  Mumma says it is safer if we have our own little space but I get to hang out with my golden friend Halo over the fence and sometimes we like to pretend that we are jousting knights and fight with each other.

Of course one of the coolest things which is just outside the palace gates is the beach.  If we get bored playing in the sandpit we get to go down and explore the seaside.  I love splashing around in the cool, refreshing water and sometimes when we are down there you get to see dolphins swimming in the ocean.

So as you can tell I live in a castle fit for a king, which isn’t surprising considering I am royalty.

I hope you will come and visit me one day at Northgate Lodge Palace and I will give you the grand tour.

HRH Chime

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