The Unofficial Royal Blog- HRH Chime!

The Unofficial Royal Blog- HRH Chime!

The Unofficial Royal Blog- HRH Chime!

Hello again my intrepid followers, it is I HRH Chime again.

I thought I would share my opinions on my greatest love in the entire world…food!

Now I am not a fussy eater, not by any stretch of the imagination.  I will pretty much eat anything.  My Mumma likes to strip graze my paddock.  I’m not sure why she does this but she said something about me being an absolute pig and if she gave me the whole paddock I would eat it all out in a day.  Well I don’t know about that, I am sure I could stretch it to at least three days.

So I have learned how to make the most of this strip grazing and when my Mumma moves my electric tape out and gives me my tiny sliver of lush green grass I turn that little strip into a bowling green.  Not a single blade of anything edible is left.

In the mornings I get brought up to the yards for the day so I can be ridden.  My Mumma always likes to make sure that I have been given some hay or something before I get ridden because she reckons I can’t work on an empty stomach.  I really love my Mumma for being so considrite, consedrat, concidarite… kind.

There is a very special person here at Northgate Lodge and that is Nanny Yvonne.  Nanny always makes sure that the carrot table is stocked with lots of juicy carrots for all the horses here, including visitors who walk through the stables.  Sometimes I try to drag my Mumma over to the table, especially if it looks like she is going to walk past it without stopping.  I have also been known to raid the carrot stocks on occasion and knock the carrot table over.

Nanny also cuts up heaps of carrots and apples for all us horses and Mumma puts them in our feed bins with our food at night.

It is like a little treasure hunt and I like to rummage around in there and find the treats.  But sometimes Mumma growls me because I push all my food out onto the ground in my quest for the goodies.

At times my Mumma gets me special treats like Big Red Stable Snacks or mints.  I like the Crown Mints best because, well, I am royalty you know.  And it leaves my breath minty fresh for the ladies.  So if you ever want to drop a bag off for me you know where I live.

Because I have an utter devotion to food of any type Mumma reckons I am good at learning stuff.  All she has to do is bribe me with food.  She taught me how to go on to my float, stand up on a box, paw the ground, and touch an object just by offering me food. Pretty cushy job if you ask me. Now she figures she can teach me to bow using snacks.  I bet she probably can but I will play hard to get for a while I think.

As they say ‘Do the mahi, get the treats.’  And get them I shall.


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