The Unofficial Royal Blog- HRH Chimes First Show Cross

The Unofficial Royal Blog - HRH Chimes First Show Cross

Hiya everyone it’s me HRH Chime again. This time I thought I would tell you all about my first stint doing cross country jumps.
When I was about five hooves old my Mumma decided we would go do some showcross. It was Waitangi Day or something so Mumma didn’t have anything to do so she said “Righto Chime let’s go out.”
Well I was hoping she just meant go out into the paddock to eat but she didn’t.
So she bundled me into the horse moving thing and off we trundled. It didn’t take too long to get there because it was just at Waiotira which isn’t terribly far but is sort of in the middle of nowhere.
Mumma had to go walk around in this big paddock and see which jumps she had to do. Well I guess I had to do them, she was just going to sit there on me really. But it was okay because she gave me some yummy hay to munch on while she walked around looking at jumps and freaking herself out.
After she got back she looked really nervous. I guess maybe the jumps look bigger or something up close because they looked pretty little to me. Mumma fluffed around brushing me and putting my boots on and then saddled me up. She had to put a back protector on because she reckons those were the rules but actually I just don’t think she trusts me that much.
We went into the little arena to warm up. It was all a bit boring really and I dutifully popped over the little jump that was set up in there. After a wee while we lined up with the other people and waited our turn.
I heard Mumma say the jumps were 65cm. I don’t really know what that means but it must be fairly big because I am pretty sure Mumma thought we had to jump the Great Wall of China or something.
Anyway when it was our turn we trotted off over the first few bright coloured showjumps. They were pretty easy but Mumma sure was hanging on to the ‘Oh shit’ strap around my neck. After popping over the little jumps we got to do some awesome cool cross country jumps. I got to jump up and down a bank, pop over logs and even got to go through some water. It was a little bit scary but I just walked straight in and out the other side. It was actually quite refashing…refrshin… cool because it was the middle of summer and really hot outside.
Mumma must have liked it too because we got to go around the jumps again and she even let me canter this time. I must have been very good because Mumma was getting a little big for her ‘big girl’ britches and decided that we could do the 80cm round.
Well I ate up those jumps like they were a fresh cut bale of hay. I was really getting the hang of it now and it was fun! I wanted to do some more but I think Mumma was tired because she decided that we had enough. Spoil sport!
So off we headed home again. When we got back Mumma gave me a huge hug and an extra carrot and put me in my paddock.
Now I had been in this certain paddock like a billion times but I had always wondered why part of the fence was different to the rest. Well now I knew. Mumma put me through the gate and took my halter off and I promptly trotted down the hill and over the cross country fence into the other paddock. Mumma didn’t know whether to laugh or cry or growl me so she sort of did it all.
I was just practising what I had learned today and that was to jump cross country jumps. It’s not my fault that I am supposed to wait until she is on me first. I was just showing off my newly akwire…acqwored… got skills.
Nonetheless, she was not going to leave me in the paddock I had just jumped into with grass up to my eyeballs (although I wouldn’t have mind staying there at all.) Hence she had to walk down and catch me and put me in a paddock that I wouldn’t jump out of.
Anywho, I really enjoyed my first go at cross country jumps and hope I get to do a whole lot more. I think I will as long as Mumma keeps her ‘big girl’ undies on.
Thanks for reading and don’t forget to keep an eye out for my future blogs!

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